Issues with construction materials and supplies.

Date: 10 Nov 2021

From Nov 2021

Dear Customers,

You will all have seen the continuing news coverage about the supply of construction materials in New Zealand as well as the high demand for new housing.

This looks to be a long-term issue and highly likely to get worse before it gets better. To date we have experienced delays in obtaining cladding materials, timber, gib and other selected products.
Additionally, everything from design work, engineering and obtaining council consents are taking much longer than usual.

We would ask for your patience at this time and our team is working extremely hard to minimise the effect of these delays.

Additionally, and unfortunately, we may have to pass on cost increases to customers. We do our best to absorb cost increases during construction but, due to the current demand, prices are increasing at an alarming rate, which we will be unable to accommodate.

For any new customers, we are unable to fix prices until time of construction and predicted start dates are pushing out to mid 2022.

We will keep everybody informed as things progress, but if you have any specific queries or concerns please feel free to contact us by phone or email:
Phone: 07 847 3440 or Email: [email protected]

Issues with construction materials and supplies

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