Transportable Homes For Sale: A Growing Market With A 30% Increase In Listings And Buyer Interest

Date: 28 Sep 2023

The market for transportable homes in NZ is growing rapidly. With a noticeable increase in listings and buyer interest, you may be considering purchasing an amazing, relocatable home yourself.Whether you want a smaller home or a larger, 4-bedroom home for your whole family, a high-quality transportable home built by a reputable company may be perfect for you.

Why Are Prebuilt And Relocatable Homes Becoming More Popular In NZ?

The rise in popularity for these incredible prebuilt homes is due to a number of factors, such as:

  • Versatility. A well-designed, relocatable home comes with everything you need to live happily. This makes them a great option for nearly any kind of New Zealander.
  • Quality. Transportable homes are built in a yard and then transported to their final site. This makes it easier for builders to maintain a very high level of quality control, ensuring that your home will be beautiful and sturdy.
  • Customisation. There are plenty of amazing home designs and layouts available to you, and you have the option to alter them to better suit your lifestyle.

What Should I Think About Searching For Transportable Homes For Sale In NZ?

Like any other major purchase, it's extremely important that you do your research and prepare before you select your NZ transportable home. This will help you make the right choice with no mistakes or oversights.

Consider the following if you're thinking about purchasing an amazing relocatable home:

The Price. Of course, one of the first things you should think about is your budget. How much can you spend on a new home? The price of your transportable home will be based on several factors, including the size, the design, features and the materials you choose for your home.

Be sure you also ask the building company about any additional costs, such as transportation fees.

The Site For Your Home. Once your lovely new home has been completed, it will be transported to your site, so that you can comfortably live in it. Naturally, you'll need a good site that's suitable for your new home.

Your site should have enough room for your home. You must also make sure that your home can be connected to utilities such as electricity, gas and anything else you need.

Along with actually having enough space, your site will also need to be accessible for the people who are bringing your home to you. You may want to ask your transportable home company about the transportation so that you know how to prepare for them.

The Home's Design. There are so many incredible home plans and designs that you can choose from. For instance, just have a look at all of the modern designs we have at Kiwi Designed Transportable Homes.

Before you pick anything, think about what kind of home you need. What size would you like? Do you need a 3-bedroom transportable home for your NZ family? Are there any specific customisation requests that you'd like to make?

Once you know what you need for your household, you can look at plans that suit you and narrow down your options.

The Company's Reputation. You deserve a gorgeous home that's built to be durable, long-lasting and comfortable. So, purchasing your home from a reputable company is an absolute necessity. Look for a company with plenty of experience, a great track record and excellent customer service.

Before you choose the company you're going to purchase from, make sure you do your research. Visit their site, read through all of their services and see if they can provide you with the kind of home that you need.

One easy way to judge a business's reputation is to check its online reviews and ratings. You can do so by searching for them on Google and then looking at their Google My Business page. There, you can see important details about their business, including their customer reviews and star ratings.

Another way to determine if a company is right for you is to ask questions. Don't be afraid to contact them to discuss your wants and needs. After all, purchasing a new home is a big financial decision, so you deserve to have all of the information you need.

Where Can I Go To Learn More About High-Quality Transportable Homes In New Zealand?

So many people all over New Zealand and the world are choosing transportable homes - are you interested in purchasing one for yourself? If so, we at Kiwi Designed Transportable Homes are here to speak to you. We've helped plenty of New Zealanders find their dream homes, and we'd love to help you as well.

You can visit our services page to learn even more about what we can do for you. [Internal Link - 'Services'] Or, you could also call our team directly on 07 847 3440.

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Transportable Homes For Sale: A Growing Market With A 30% Increase In Listings And Buyer Interest

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