The Rise of Prebuilt Homes: Exploring the 45% Increase in Popularity

Date: 23 Aug 2023

Prebuilt homes in NZ may have seemed like a simple trend in the past, but their rising popularity is a clear sign that they're here to stay. These cosy versatile homes have heaps of incredible benefits that people are beginning to realise.

In recent years, people have discovered that versatile homes aren't just charming; they're also very comfortable and there are many different plans and layouts available, so you can choose one that's a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Why Prebuilt Homes Are More Popular Than Ever

Prebuilt homes are homes that are built off-site and then transported to your property. Reputable companies like us are creating NZ prebuilt homes that are high-quality and built to last.

Many people see these homes as the future of New Zealand housing due to the outstanding advantages they have over most traditional homes. Prebuilt homes have so many benefits that make them perfect for any kind of homebuyer, including:

Incredible Quality. Prebuilt homes are often made with astonishing quality and to very high standards. People who live in these wonderful homes can enjoy an amazing level of durability and aesthetics.

A major advantage of building a home off-site in our yard is that the builders can better focus on quality, speed and durability without being distracted by outside elements.

Prebuilt homes are built to the same quality standards as traditional homes. In fact, we hold our homes to an even higher standard as additional structural bracing is added to withstand travel conditions. Built to provide you with a safe, stable living space that's made to last for decades.

Affordability. The current state of New Zealand's housing and rental market has made it increasingly difficult for homebuyers to find affordable homes that they love. Homeownership is a dream that many people hold dear, but achieving this dream feels almost impossible if homebuyers only look at expensive traditional homes on the market.

Speedy Construction. Another reason why people are loving prebuilt homes in NZ is their impressive construction speed.

Skilled builders can quickly construct your home in our yard without sacrificing any quality at all. Then, your home can be transported to your site and placed onto timber pile foundations. You'll be lounging in your gorgeous dream home before you know it. Generally construction takes 14-16 weeks after council consent is issued.

Design Flexibility. When you begin to search for the perfect transportable plan for your future home, you'll notice that you have many gorgeous designs to choose from.

Many people love our plans, but if there is anything you're not quite satisfied with that's all right! You can request to have your plan tailored to your needs. That's because these homes are built to order rather than mass-produced.

So, your new home will be perfectly catered to meet you or your family's needs. We encourage you to have a look at our available plans to select one that's a good size for you and your family. Then, take a look at the default floor plan, and imagine how you can change it to better suit your situation.

This design flexibility means that even if you choose the same home option as your neighbours who may also have a Kiwi Designed NZ prebuilt home, yours could still be completely different from theirs.

How To Learn More About Gorgeous Prebuilt Homes In Aotearoa

Kiwi Transportable Homes is a family-owned and operated business that's based in Waikato, and we’re dedicated to providing our amazing clients with homes that are both affordable and high-quality. We know that people all over Aotearoa are looking for amazing homes, and we're here to provide them with just that.

You can visit our website's contact page or call us on 07 847 3440 if you'd like to get in touch with our team.

Fulfil your dream of owning a gorgeous home; speak to us at Kiwi Transportable Homes.

The Rise of Prebuilt Homes: Exploring the 45% Increase in Popularity

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