Prebuilt Homes: Everything You Need To Know

Date: 13 Jun 2023

Everything You Need To Know About Transportable Homes In New Zealand

Prebuilt homes, also known as transportable homes, are simply homes that are built in our construction yard, and then transported fully completed to their final destination.

They're High-Quality. A massive advantage of creating homes in our yard is that the builders can solely focus on the quality of their work.

They're Affordable. An outstanding benefit that will surely please home buyers is that prebuilt NZ homes are affordable.

Although having a transportable home built isn't the cheapest thing in the world, it certainly is affordable for most. Statistics show that you can save 15% (or much more!) when you choose a transportable home. Your savings will, of course, depend on your choices.

Prebuilt NZ homes are also perfect for compact living because they make great use of their sizes. You might be surprised at how much you can do with a lovely compact home!

They Have A Quick Build Time. Normally you have to wait a bit when you decide to have a new home built, but that doesn't mean you want to sit around for years as you wait for your dream home to be constructed.

Don't worry, when you choose a transportable home, you won't have to - these amazing houses can be built very quickly. The length of your project will depend on your circumstances, but you can expect to step into your new home within 16 weeks.

They're Highly Customisable. A big problem when looking for a new home is that you'll often have to make compromises. It's hard to find a home or home plan that you're absolutely happy with.

But what if you could have a home that's perfectly suited to your lifestyle? That's right; you can - you can tailor the plans of your transportable home to make it perfect for you.

Transportable homes are typically presented as plans that you can look through. But this doesn't mean you have to choose that plan as-is. You can request to change the plans so that they're more to your liking.

How To Learn More About Your Transportable Home Opportunities Today

You can discover even more about these exceptional homes by calling us for a chat 07 8473440 or visiting our showroom to view our homes in person. Check out all of the incredible home plans we have and our range of services.

Prebuilt Homes: Everything You Need To Know

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