7 Affordable Homes

Date: 5 May 2023

Affordable housing is something that most home buyers are looking for, but with inflation and a housing shortage in NZ, it’s not always the easiest thing to find.
How can you find a house that’s well-built, durable and perfect for you but won’t completely drain your bank account? If you’ve asked this question, you should consider a Kiwi Designed Transportable Home.

But why should I go for a transportable home? and does this mean lesser quality?

Yes you should, like all our other happy customers and as for the quality, we can’t speak for other transportable companies but at Kiwi Designed Homes we pride ourselves in delivering quality transportable homes. That might be why we are leaders in what we do.

Our pre-built Kiwi Transportable Homes are well-constructed, in fact they are stronger than most, unlike other companies, we only use trusted quality materials and include additional internal bracing to withstand transportation. This means your new home is strong and will last a lifetime.

There are many advantages of a prebuilt transportable home, here's just a few..

  • If you're replacing an existing house - you can stay there while your new home is being construction in our yard. A few weeks prior to transport your old home can be removed or demolished and your new home moved onto the existing space.
  • Building a transportable home means no noise or disruption on your site with construction crews and delivery trucks coming and going.
  • If there is a shortage of builders in your area, our homes can be transported across the north island.

What is a Prebuilt Home and are they comfortable to live in?

Prebuilt homes, also known as transportable homes, are homes that are constructed off-site in a yard and then transported on a truck to your property. They’re often more compact than traditional homes, but with a Kiwi Designed Home, our customised plans maximise layout and create spacious living environments with high raking ceilings giving you that sense of space you wouldn’t expect in a transportable prebuilt home.

NZ prebuilt homes tend to be much cheaper than traditional homes that are built on-site. This doesn’t mean that they’re of lesser quality - it simply means that your builder knows how to make the absolute best use of top-tier materials and incredible designs. Prebuilt homes are constructed smartly and efficiently without the disadvantages, like travel time, that come with building on-site.

This also means that the construction process for prebuilt homes is often much, faster than the construction process for onsite builds. Our diligent builders can work across multiple homes in the yard at the same time, efficiently delivering exceptional results while obtaining a high level of quality control.

Stylish Affordable Prebuilt Homes In NZ

Prebuilt homes are a great option for people looking for affordable housing. But simply knowing this fact isn’t enough - you also need to know where you can go for incredible deals and unforgettable quality.

This is where we at Kiwi Designed Transportable Homes can come to help. We have a selection of stylish and modern homes. We’re thrilled to provide New Zealanders with affordable homes.

If our plans aren't quite what you are looking for, no problem, we can tailor a plan to your liking so it fits your lifestyle needs and is exactly what you want.

7 Inexpensive Transportable Homes:

Bellbird. The Bellbird has 60 square metres of floor area, two bedrooms and one bathroom. This modern compact home has a floorplan that is masterfully designed to maximise every bit of space in the household so that you can make full use of your modern new dwelling.

Tui. The Tui comes in two options - a 60 square metre plan with two bedrooms and one bathroom and a 90 square metre plan with three bedrooms and one bathroom. This home is designed for comfortable living as the lounge, kitchen and dining area are all open-plan, which creates a spacious environment. The bathroom and laundry areas are also separate, which is a nice feature.

Fantail. The Fantail fits in any landscape. It has 70 square metres of floor space, two bedrooms and one bathroom. The smart open floor plan of this home is inviting and helps you make full use of your space.

Kea. The Kea comes in two options - a 70 square metre plan with two bedrooms and one bathroom and a 100 square metre plan with three bedrooms and one bathroom. This home has a gorgeous, contemporary design with a mono pitch roof that makes it perfect for people who enjoy beautiful spacious and practical homes.

Kowhai. The Kowhai is a 100-square-metre home that is a sizable option with three bedrooms and one bathroom. The open-plan living areas and deck make it a great choice for people who love having guests over.

Rifleman. The Rifleman, a home with 114 square metres of floor space, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, is made for comfort and entertaining. It has a well-designed floor plan that’s ideal for those looking for a NZ prebuilt home with plenty of room for entertaining.

Kiwi. The Kiwi plan is our most popular design, available in three or four bedrooms it has an impressive 133 square meters of floor space. With scullery, walk in wardrobe, raking ceilings and mono pitch roof line you can’t go wrong with this stylish design perfect on any location.

How To Enquire About An Affordable New Home Today

If you’re looking for a new home, when it comes to comfortable living and quality materials, you will find the answer with Kiwi Designed Homes.

Interested in a prebuilt transportable home in NZ? Call KDH 07 847 3440 for more information.

7 Affordable Homes

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